Sort of bizarre watercradt incident

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Sort of bizarre watercradt incident

Postby Tekker76 » Thu 10 Jan, 2019 12:26 am

Edit to title 'watercraft' incident. Typing late at night lol.
Anyway I took my brothers kids to one of the local lakes and inflated one of those large lounge rafts that can seat several adults( complete with lunch eskies as well lol). We floated it out past the usual crowd in the shallows to about 30-35m out and they were having fun jumping off it etc and paddling about.The kids can swim but being around 8yrs I keep a close eye on them. My sister in law was there as well to assist. The issue was several other kids and teens who for some reason decided it was novel enough sight to swim out to us to take a look and then of course also try and board. Which I could not refuse them as I don't want to send back some tired kid swimming 60m without a break. But it was a pain as I didn't want to be responsible for them, so told them once they had had a break they needed to return to shore. Also I felt fairly ridiculous yelling to other kids at the top of my voice swimming out to us to "go back don't come near us!". I had to bring it in early as a result and I got a comment from one of the parents which I assume was half joking being a 'big meany'. I said its inflatable but still a water craft, you wouldn't just swim out to some guys rowboat and demand to be let into it. Also if a kid drowns or even has a head clash on it I could be up the creek. It was actually a fairly bizarre situation, didnt anticipate the attraction of it. Being locals we can pick better times in future to avoid the tourists. Anyone had similar issues?
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