Bicentennial National Trail

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Bicentennial National Trail

Postby Rlgm12 » Tue 06 Sep, 2016 5:55 pm

The Bicentennial National Trail
5300 Kn
East coast of Aus

This forum needs a designated page under "local track" named "Australia"
And have the "BNT" in that.
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Re: Bicentennial National Trail

Postby Mark F » Tue 13 Sep, 2016 1:54 pm

Just my thoughts:
1. The BNT is primarily used as a horse riding trail with most of it unsuitable for unsupported walking.
2. It is rarely mentioned in posts on this forum.
3. It has it's own web site

For these reasons I feel it is not a candidate for special section on this site.

Perhaps posts about the BNT should be placed in the relevant State section on Local Track.
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Re: Bicentennial National Trail

Postby WarrenH » Wed 03 May, 2017 6:41 pm

In the next couple of days I'm meeting up with a young bloke who is walking the BNT. He is walking unsupported. He joined the BNT in Cooktown in FN'Q. This afternoon he left Gundaroo in NSW, heading for the BNT campsite at Hall in the ACT. Gundaroo is about 35 klicks North of Hall.

He original started walking from Darwin before he joined the BNT in Cooktown. He has also remained faithful to walking the BNT Main Trail. He has not taken any of the easier alternate routes that are suggested on the BNT site, for those who don't want to take on the more difficult river crossings.

I asked him how did he do the FN'Q river crossings, known for their crocodiles. I asked did he wait and hitch a ride with 4x4s that were crossing. He told me that he didn't wait for passing vehicles, he just did them. There hasn't been a pack horse or a person taken by a crocodile on the BNT in FN'Q, but there have been a few trail dogs taken.

We will further discuss our BNT experiences in the next few days.

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Re: Bicentennial National Trail

Postby wildwalks » Fri 02 Jun, 2017 8:29 am

Hi Warren
woo -- what a crazy adventure. I had not even thought about the river crossing croc problem.
Would you and the young bloke be interested in writing up an article for Bushwalk Australia magazine on this. Would love to have something on the BNT (and H&H).
I recon people would be really interested. I think many people don't think of the BNT as a bushwalking track, but I know some sections are awesome.
maybe email me if keen. matt (at)


Matt :)
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