10,000 Members

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10,000 Members

Postby Overlandman » Sat 14 Jan, 2017 4:40 pm

Welcome to the forum phenomenomenom our 10,000th member,
The 26th of January 2016 was our 9000th member
The 3rd of April 2015 was 8000th member.
Once again thanks to Matt, the administrators, moderators, & forum members, it's a great place to visit.
Regards OLM

Ps, I like statistics :)
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Athrotaxis selaginoides
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Re: 10,000 Members

Postby simonm » Sat 14 Jan, 2017 5:35 pm

It's a great resource that's for sure.
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Re: 10,000 Members

Postby wildwalks » Sun 15 Jan, 2017 7:36 am

Wow -- 10K exciting milestone -- Welcome to phenomenomenom

It is a fun place to hang out. A few more stats for you OLM
For 2016 our community served, over 315,000 people over more than 670,000 sessions, serving 2,732,364 pages

It is the quality advice, fun games and friendships that are the key metrics that I just can't quantify that I see of great value.

Thanks all

Matt :)
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Magnus administratio
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