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**IMPORTANT** Market Square notice

PostPosted: Mon 05 Jun, 2017 8:05 am
by tasadam
Hello everyone.

Use of this market square is for the benefit of everyone.
To keep it working well for everyone, this is important:

When your topic is resolved / no longer needed, you are required to:
(a) post, to indicate that the item is sold - preferably by editing the title of the topic (edit the first post) and put a [SOLD] in front of the title;
(b) lock your topic using the popup menu and button at the bottom right of the topic page. You cannot lock other people's topics, and only moderators can unlock topics.
If you need help with the above, you may report your own post asking for assistance.

The reason it is important? Imagine you are not here selling something, but you want to buy gear.
You go scrolling through many posts looking for gear. You read the title, open and read the first post. See lots of photos of the item, do a google and see what price it is new, decide you would like this item, scroll down to make a post, only to discover that you have just wasted your time because the person that posted this item has not marked it as [SOLD] or locked the topic as they should.

Many posts get resolved (sold, found, no longer required), but the posts aren't locked. We want to encourage everyone to do the right thing by this forum so that it works well for everyone.

When a post is locked, it does two things:
(a) indicates to anyone doing some shopping that this item is no longer available without then having to open the post;
(b) indicates to the forum moderation team that the post is resolved so that we can move it to the SOLD forum without having to read every post to see whether they are still active.

In summary, please lock your posts when they are resolved. Thank you.