FS Sydney genuine Optimus 8R stove and a clone

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FS Sydney genuine Optimus 8R stove and a clone

Postby rcaffin » Fri 07 Jun, 2019 4:34 pm

Antique Optimus 8R stove
This was bought by my wife in the mid-1960s and was used in Victoria and SW Tassie on many trips. It has recently been overhauled with a new internal wick and new seal on the valve stem. Spanner and handle are included. The paintwork shows the years, and there is some surface rust - as might be expected. It runs fine, but it cannot match a modern canister stove for power. It is sold as is (see photo, RH stove) with no guarantees: it might suit a collector best.
Original price unknown, FS for $50 +P&P
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Pak-Cook V: antique Taiwanese clone of Optimus 8R
Yes, this is an almost exact clone of the Optimus 8R dating from the late 1960s as well. The remains of the cardboard box it came in show a price of $9.60! It is in somewhat better condition (intact paint and little rust) than the Optimus 8R I have listed. It includes a windshield which the 8R did not have. It is sold as is with no guarantees: it might suit a collector best. See photo above, LH stove.
Original price $9.60, FS $50 + P&P
I am selling a range of liquid fuel stoves. Some of them were sent to me as Editor of Backpackinglight for test & review. In most cases they have been used no more than 2 or maybe 3 times. They were tested with Coleman Fuel in general. In this case they were used in the 60s in Vic and SWTas.

Both of these stove will burn Shellite, Coleman Fuel or (US) white gas (petrol, so to speak). I doubt these will burn kerosene.

Prices shown in () are US list prices where I can find them; the second price is the sale price. P&P (depends on country) and Paypal fee need to be added to this, as noted. For Australia it will be in the range AU$16-19; for the rest of the world it is higher of course.

Contact me via roger@backpackinglight.com for the correct Paypal address (it is not my email address!). Shipping will be to your Paypal address unless otherwise notified.

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