Pay It Forward??

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Re: Pay It Forward??

Postby Moondog55 » Sun 12 Jan, 2020 5:49 pm

That Schoeler fabric is really good stuff Nice offer.
On another note those wheels and tyres have been picked up, somebody from Chockstone doing some serious training
Ve are too soon old und too late schmart
Lagarostrobos franklinii
Lagarostrobos franklinii
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Re: Pay It Forward??

Postby oysters » Sat 08 Feb, 2020 5:37 pm

I have a classic Bozeman Mountain Works Torsolite Self-Inflating pad. This thing for a long while was the lightest inflatable, insulated pad on the market.
Weight is 260grams (9.17oz).

The material is pretty durable, though, somehow it has a slow leak somewhere. I can't be bothered fixing it for myself and I suffer from TMMS (Too Many Mats Syndrome) and living in a one bedroom unit.

This thing should patch easy when you find the hole using a simple bike tube type patch, or a classic thermarest patch.

These mats go really well with very thin CCF or as part of a compact fast and light set up. Also be a great pad for a child or teenager. The size works well if you use it as part of structure for an UL pack, eg a gossamer gear type pack.


I'd just ask if the postage can be paid ($8.95 anywhere in Aus), or, pick up from me in North Adelaide, as I'm a student nurse at the moment.
Nothofagus gunnii
Nothofagus gunnii
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Re: Pay It Forward??

Postby Neo » Sat 08 Feb, 2020 8:06 pm

Ive got one or two mats that need exploring to keep up!
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Athrotaxis selaginoides
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Re: Pay It Forward??

Postby GregG » Sat 08 Feb, 2020 10:39 pm

An alternative to adhesive patches eg bike tube or Thermarest patches, is to rub a small amount of Silastic over the leak and let it set which doesn't take long if you have only put it on fairly thinly. This works very well on small pricks made by thorns and bindies, it has elasticity and tends to stretch with movement of the fabric and won't let go the way patches tend to. No good for proper holes or tears which need a patch, or split seams which I have never been able to repair successfully.
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Nothofagus gunnii
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