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Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Wed 19 Apr, 2017 4:08 pm

Hi all! Looking for some advice on lightweight two-person tents.

My better half and I are rock climbers and we are wanting to branch out into walking to more remote locations for climbing trips. We've also recently done a few walking-only trips which we found surprisingly enjoyable (even sans climbing! :D ) so we'd love to do more multi-day walks too.

We currently have an older model Black Wolf Firefly 2P tent, which I bought a couple of years ago off a fellow uni climbing club member for $20. We've taken it to NZ twice and all over Australia for climbing. It's a great tent for what we paid (i.e. nothing) and we both love it. The only issue is that it weighs almost 3kg, which is just too heavy when jammed in with many, MANY kgs worth of heavy climbing gear. Also, I am a small build and weigh less than 50kg, so I need to lighten my load in every conceivable way. Love my current pack, already have an ultra-light sleeping mat and am hoping to order a quilt from Undercling Mike soon to replace my old synthetic bag.

We would be using the tent primarily for three-season climbing/bushwalking trips in Australia (mostly NSW incl. Blue Mountains & ACT, occasionally VIC). We also travel regularly to NZ for climbing in the warmer months, and would like to do a TAS trip in Spring/Summer/early Autumn in the next 12ish months for bushwalking and climbing.

Primary considerations for us are lower weight and suitability for AUS/NZ conditions. Cost is less of a constraint (within reason!) as we would prefer to save up for the proper gear and get our purchase right the first time, as with our climbing gear :wink: Preference for AUS or NZ-made gear if possible, but open to suggestions from other reputable/ethical sources.

Thanks for your advice!

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Wed 19 Apr, 2017 4:56 pm

Hi HoneyBea & Co
No models to suggest but as you travel together go for a 3 person! Remember you can share the weight of the components. One big ('gear shed') or two useable sized vestibules for the extra gear you take. So many choices I hope that helps to narrow it down. Cheers

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Wed 19 Apr, 2017 6:27 pm

Lots of climbing gear then dual entry, have a look at a Goondie 2 (or3)
Want a bomber 2 person tunnel then WE Second Arrow (or First Arrow)

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Wed 19 Apr, 2017 7:37 pm

Thanks John & Neo! Definitely a good point re: vestibule space. We probably will be quite happy in just a 2P tent as would rather save the weight for climbing gear rather than tent space :D Will check out the above options!

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Thu 20 Apr, 2017 8:15 am

HoneyBea wrote:Thanks John & Neo! Definitely a good point re: vestibule space. We probably will be quite happy in just a 2P tent as would rather save the weight for climbing gear rather than tent space :D Will check out the above options!

Hey HoneyBea,

As Neo suggested, I would also recommend a 3 person tent for two people. Tent makers are often a bit generous with their sizing. It is true you can fit two people in a 2 person tent, but it is often very cramped and uncomfortable. If you were to get caught in a bad storm for a day you would appreciate the extra room for probably less that 300 grams of additional weight.

When I hike with my partner we use a Hilleberg Anjan 3. I love this tent. Its comes in around 1.8kg from memory. It is spacious and very wind resistant.

Or you could look at some of the American Ultralight stuff. like the Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid with inner. I owned this tent and thought it was fantastic. it came to about 800 grams in total with plenty of room.

Good luck with the search

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Fri 21 Apr, 2017 7:18 pm

An option if you are leaning towards a smaller tent is to also get a small-ish tarp to go with it, yes it is an additional bit of gear, but you have the advantage then of a shade, or a covered gear stash. The duo-mid is a good one, but tricky with two and bug nets, as it generally has a pole up the middle, but it does have a lot of options. Headroom is likely to be a thing you'll enjoy in a tent as it will give more room to sit up or crouch rather than the usual tent sit-ups.

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Fri 21 Apr, 2017 8:43 pm

Wonderful suggestions, thank you all so much! Hadn't seen the Anjan 3 before and it is definitely worth a look.

The better half has a preference for tents with a freestanding frame (or at least semi-freestanding) similar to our current model. I'm happy with pretty simple shelters but he doesn't enjoy the fuss of complicated pitching and he's not keen for that level of minimalism or comparative lack of privacy :)

I've also seen the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 around on the web as a potential option. Attractive features are the double vestibules and light weight for a freestanding tent. My concern with this tent is that it may not be durable enough for Australian conditions. Any thoughts?

So far the shortlist is:
- One Planet Goondie 2: AUS company, heavier than other options but seems pretty bomber
- Mont Moondance 2: similar to Goondie 2 but a fraction lighter? We have looked at this tent in the Mont Canberra store before and were both really impressed, but not sure how it goes out in the real world
- Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2: lightweight for the style but maybe a bit fragile?
- Hilleberg Anjan 3: prefer this less as it's single vestibule. Not a deal breaker though, as the overall quality, weight and space are really attractive -- also like that it is SWE company as I lived there for a time. Seems like it would do well in NZ/TAS in the warmer months too.
- Tarptent Double Rainbow: very light but unsure about single layer and condensation issues, and also ability to keep out dust etc with mesh going all the way to the ground

Great idea to look into a small separate lightweight tarp as a supplement to a smaller tent if we end up going that route. Ideally we'd like to avoid this if possible, but a good idea as an alternative and well worth considering.

Thanks again all! Appreciate the help :)

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Fri 21 Apr, 2017 8:50 pm

Also considering the Wilderness Equipment Space 2 -- major drawback as with the Hilleberg is that it's a single vestibule. Again, not a deal breaker but part of the factors to consider. Sadly they don't seem to be selling the Arrow tents any more.

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Fri 21 Apr, 2017 8:53 pm

Oops! The WE First Arrow tents are still available. Little heavier than we would like and again, single vestibule, so an outside contender. Thanks.

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Sat 22 Apr, 2017 6:06 am

Check out Big Sky tents, and particularly the Chinook 2P. 1.6kg/1.8kg without/with the third pole, and much stronger than those hubbed designs like the Big Agnes and the Mont. Seems to tick most of your other boxes.


In stock at BPL in Melbourne. Don't buy direct from the manufacturer, they are notorious for shipping delays. ... nt/dp/9788

If tunnels do interest you, and you're not too tall, for 200g over the Anjan you can get another Swedish tent with 9mm and 9.6mm poles and a proper rear vent. Their new range is nice, and they have a strong focus on ethics & sustainability (or at least their marketing department does). ... ko-lite-3/

Helsport are also worth a look.

How about a side entry tunnel with two vestibules?

Re: Lightweight 2P Tent Recommendations

Tue 16 May, 2017 12:24 am

Hi HoneyBea,

The Wilderness Equipment Space 2 has 2 vestibules and is a fantastic tent. Please also consider the Nigor Guam 2 (plenty of space). I have used both and am very happy to answer questions.
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