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Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac minaret

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 11:02 am


I've been using a cheap heavy tent for most of my camping/hiking career and even though it's never let me down, I decided to drop the cash on something a bit better. Headed off to Macpac, took a look around and decided on a 2 man minaret tent, Specifically this one ... -tent.html . Took it out on an overnighter to the wild dogs and noticed before i put it up that it was absolutely filthy (this is important for later).

The actual problem:

The minaret is pitched with 2 identical poles which is fantastic. The issue is that I'm not sure where to put them which sounds insane I know. Underneath the fly above the pegs is a tube that goes along the width of the tent starting at both pairs of pegs along the side. This makes it sound obvious, just put the poles in the tube and put up the tent as you normally would which is what I've been doing. This problem is that the tube on one side is a dead end meaning that on one side the pole is inserted into the metal ring securing it to the tent and on the other side it kind of just... sits there pressing into the ground.

Here are some photos I took to illustrate


This is where the poles go in and you can see here that they come out of the tube and go right into the metal ring at the base securing it well.


This is the other side of the tent where the other end of the pole is. The red square shows where the pole is, that silver coloured fabric is the end of the tube where the pole is, there's no actual exit for the pole. This means the pole is just pushing against the ground and causes the tent to be lopsided. This feels very wrong especially as there's another metal ring on that side meant to fit the end of the pole. I'm almost certain that this is not the intended design so I think I might be doing something wrong. The pouch holding the end of the pole is sealed but I was thinking about just taking a knife to it as that would solve my problem. Thought I'd try figure out what I'm actually meant to do first though.

In conditions with no rain/wind, it's not a big deal but I'm fairly worried that when I inevitably get stuck in a storm, my tents just going to collapse as there's nothing holding one side of it in.

I've already tried to take the tent back (due to the filth) but unfortunately macpac has a no returns policy so I'm stuck to figure this one out without the manufacturer. They did say they looked at it and said it was working fine with or without the dirt all over it so I'm assuming nothings broken.

If anyone also owns a minaret or knows what could be up, let me know what you think as this is quite frustrating.

Additional pictures showing the lopsidedness of the tent (bad angles but it gets the point across)


Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 11:16 am

G'day, NO REFUNDS -that's just shopkeeper b........t! Just trying to bluff you!
You are absolutely covered by Australian Consumer Law.
If they say it works properly get them to put it up and copy their procedure. Then you will know what to do in the future and properly. You really must stand there with them, compare it to pictures on their web-site etc.
If it goes up lop sided and they can't put it up either, and/or the pics don't show a lop sided tent- See below.
You are crazy if you cut poke or prod this thing from new. You will immediately void any claim. Take it straight back. When they put it up, if it is wrong, won't work etc your claim as per below comes into effect.
If it is not what they promised, does not match the description, or does not work as they said it would, you are protected by consumer law.
I would take it back immediately -don't play around with it any further, get the manager to put it up with you, and don't take no for an answer.
That is, if you haven't found the answer already.-But don't cut, chop, trim anything. All the best.

ps also, are they stains all over the tent? Was it second hand? This is also covered if you bought it new!
-if the production pics don't show stains everywhere you are entitled to a full refund it must look the same to the advertised pics -or get them to clean it-then check it for stains

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 11:32 am

The new Minaret is a captive end tube. There is no grommet for the end of the poles opposite the open end of the tube. It needs to be securely pegged but that is common to all tents
The new instructions seem to be woeful
You are not the first person to ask this question
But the pictures you show are exactly how the poles are meant to go
I see nothing wrong in the picture except that the pegs are in the wrong loop in picture 1, the pegs actually go out from the tent quite way, the loops are big to enable snow pegs or skis to be used
If the filth is a manufacturing problem the shop should take it back but you haven't shown pix of the "Filth" so I can't even take a guess. The Minaret is a very strong design and when guyed out mine has withstood gales and snow storms easily, not so good with heavy snow loads but that is an issue with all tunnel tents. The captive end sleeve is a superior design IMO

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 11:35 am

Not lopsided; just not tensioned and pegged out correctly
I see no "Filth" so could you please be more specific and/or take really close close-ups

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 11:54 am

There are webbing straps running beneath the tent which help keep everything taut and straight, check they aren't twisted up, that's caught me out before. Otherwise there's lots of adjustments on those tie out and pole end sleeves to get everything taut so you should be able to work it out !

The strap you have in your hand in the first photo - pull the reflective tab at the bottom upwards to tension the fly against the poles. If you put the poles in first, then peg out the 4 corners, then tension all the straps you should be able to get it much tighter. I let all the straps loose when pegging out so it can be tensioned again once set up.

Are you expecting the poles to look more vertical from side on ? Looks like they're supposed to lean outwards but the angle on the macpac website makes them look vertical.

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 12:11 pm

Thanks for the quick replies guys

Guess this is how it's meant to be then. I did put it up every time by pegging it out first (in the wrong holes) and then putting the poles in so doing it the other way around will probably tension it better. I am surprised that this captive end design is intentional. It really doesn't feel sturdy to me, I can move the poles around with ease with just one finger. I thought about digging small pits for the ends to sit into, this might be overkill though

The "filth" I mostly washed off but the stains mentioned by Lamont are what's left that I couldn't get rid of. I did try to return and contacted fair trading but since I had already erected it they wouldn't take it back which is just how it goes.

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 12:22 pm

That is a bugger- from a recent similar experience I now open everything and check immediately when I can, hold the receipt tightly and never touch anything unless you get the go ahead from the shop.
I am surprised the company were not more supportive. Oh well we live we learn.
Tried soaking it in the bath?

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 12:23 pm

Lith wrote:Thanks for the quick replies guys

The "filth" I mostly washed off but the stains mentioned by Lamont are what's left that I couldn't get rid of. I did try to return and contacted fair trading but since I had already erected it they wouldn't take it back which is just how it goes.

Not if it is a manufacturing issue or it got stored incorrectly at the shop or it was a demo erected on the shop floor and you were not told of the issues.
Peg down the windward end well, then slide the poles in then peg out is my usual procedure with my own Minaret. A very good idea to get into the habit of pegging down the windward end, losing a tent in a gale in winter could kill you through exposure

Re: Figuring out if i'm putting up my tent wrong (Macpac min

Fri 22 Jun, 2018 1:22 pm

Pity about the "filth" with your new Minaret and that yellow does show-up dirt very easily....but a tent purchased new should at least be clean. I wouldn't try to clean it with anything as that could impact on the waterproof coating on the flysheet. Had it been me...I would have returned it and asked for a clean one.....but too late for that now if you've attempted to clean the gunk off.

I use a NZ made Minaret for my winter deer hunting backpack trips and it's a bomber of a tent and very easy to erect. My system is : lay it out flat (no pegs in), both poles in 1st and make sure the poles go right to the end of the captive sleeves then fit both pole ends into the grommets at the other end. Next I tension the fly via the pull tab and buckle at the grommet end of the 2 pole sleeves and snig each down nice and firm. Then peg-out one end.....stretch the tent out taut and peg out the other end. I think the new Minarets have adjustment tabs rather than bungees (like my Minaret) at each end.....if so tension those up to get a nice even and tight pitch. Then peg out the pole end 4 tabs at right angles to the fly. Lastly do the 4 guy-outs at around 45 degrees to the tent walls. Once this is done you can usually tension-up the fly a little more with those 2 lock buckles so that the flysheet distance to the ground is even all-round.

Once you get the hang of putting up a Minaret correctly they certainly can be whacked up fast......3 minutes or so easy. The pic below shows my Minaret pitched in the back yard.......the side facing the camera has the 2 fly tension tab/buckles.....note that the fly is close to the ground like it is on the other side with the captive pole sleeve ends. Cheers


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