Not quite right last week A gear comment

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Not quite right last week A gear comment

Postby Moondog55 » Wed 11 Jul, 2018 11:05 am

Not a trip report as such.
I was out and about all of last week tootling around at Pretty Valley. I was doing a lot of snow shoveling; a LOT of it and other quite vigorous stuff too and nothing felt quite comfortable. My cheap windshirt was adequate and got rid of any sweat fast but I was always just a tad cold or too hot as I had taken along my UL Uniqlo down jumper rather than my old fleece bush shirt. When I got home I realised what I had done differently was not packing my Puffball vest.
I was surprised to find how much I missed it when compared to the superior warmth of the UL down parka.
It goes back into my pack for Thursday/Friday; I'm dragging a sled so a few hundred grams extra makes only a tiny difference. Maybe I'll have time to sew a new windshirt tonite, one that falls in between the UL Montane and the highly breathable Arktis. Something with similar characteristics to the old Patagonia Houdini.
Even tho I had plenty of warmth [ I also had my big Patagonia DAS clone with me] I do think on this occasion it was verging on Stupid lite and the combination of a LW fleece and the puffball vest would have been better fitted to the conditions.
Temperatures were in the range -6C to 4 C all the time, so not cold as such but well into the hypothermia danger zone
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