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Bushwalking gear and paraphernalia. Electronic gadget topics (inc. GPS, PLB, chargers) belong in the 'Techno Babble' sub-forum.

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TIP: The online Bushwalk Inventory System can help bushwalkers with a variety of bushwalk planning tasks, including: Manage which items they take bushwalking so that they do not forget anything they might need, plan meals for their walks, and automatically compile food/fuel shopping lists (lists of consumables) required to make and cook the meals for each walk. It is particularly useful for planning for groups who share food or other items, but is also useful for individual walkers.
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Ribz pack, pass-around possible

Sat 11 Aug, 2018 8:42 pm

So it seems like Ribz might be back in production, mine is nearly worn out, so I've ordered another one. If in fact this is the case, I'll be doing a comparison and I'd be happy to do a pass-around (each person pays postage to the next member) of my old one, so others can get an idea of how it might work for their system. If that is of interest to anyone, let me know, and we can start a list, each person would only need to give their addy to the previous member in the list, and I figure two weeks per member, but I'm not going to set a heap of rules. My Ribz pack is very nearly threadbare, so don't be planning on doing a lot with it, but it will give a good estimate of sizes, accessibility and hopefully fit.

Re: Ribz pack, pass-around possible

Sun 12 Aug, 2018 5:44 am

Cancelled post.

Re: Ribz pack, pass-around possible

Sat 13 Oct, 2018 8:34 am

I did get the new ribz pack, they changed a bunch of stuff on it, making it in general a lot better. the shoulder pads are now more of a yoke, the straps are all thinner and lighter, and longer, the intent is to cut off the excess. All in all, pretty decent work. offer still stands on my old one if anyone wants to give it a shot.

Re: Ribz pack, pass-around possible

Sat 13 Oct, 2018 7:10 pm

Looks like a sweaty nightmare. Cool idea for camera gear. It just scares me.

Re: Ribz pack, pass-around possible

Sat 13 Oct, 2018 8:14 pm

I leave mine unzipped about 80% of the time, and only zip it when I need it. The right right gun-belt and suspenders would do the same job with a couple molle pouches, but at 10x the weight.
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