What Gear is Essential

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Re: What Gear is Essential

Postby walkerchris77 » Fri 08 Jan, 2016 8:20 am

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Re: What Gear is Essential

Postby Warin » Sun 14 Jan, 2018 3:41 pm

Alittleruff wrote:Personal/ First Aid needs some work.
Include- A space blanket... you know, just in case. And well, if you are even contemplating not taking a sleeping bag you may just need it! Also, a triangular bandage (multitude of uses for first aid)

A shirt or tshirt can be fashioned into a quite effective 'triangular bandage' and they usually already have it on. You will need at least one safety pin.

Alittleruff wrote:, some crepe bandages

Nup. Compression bandages for snake bites etc. You want more than one to cover a leg.

Alittleruff wrote:, tape, scissors, tape, bushmans/ airogaurd

Insect repellent is not first aid .. it is a comfort aid.

Alittleruff wrote:, hydration tablets, some water purification tabs as a back up to your straw (which you may get rather frustrated with, kind of like drinking heavy ice cream through a straw at McD's!). You will need some band aids

Band aids are unlikely to save a life short term, consider them to be comfort aid.

Alittleruff wrote:, and some gauze

Non stick.

Alittleruff wrote:, disposable gloves, and possibly some antiseptic creme

I prefer a powder - tends to stop the bleeding, making bandage application easier. In th etropics you want a powder not a cream nor a liquid.

Alittleruff wrote:and some alcohol wipes (can be used to help start a fire if you need in an emergency as well as the usual), Panadol

Panadol = comfort aid.

Alittleruff wrote:, aspirin (aspirin can be used in first aid to help anyone with a suspected heart attack, and well, you are in that age category, take some.) String can be handy too.

Strings is avalible from tent guys, laundry line, shoe laces.

Alittleruff wrote: First aid gear is a priority not an after thought.

First aid gear should be preceded by a first aid course. Preferably one that caters for your circumstance. Most courses assume your going to get help within 30 minutes, if your going remote at all it could be much longer than that and you'll want a much longer course.

Tip- use their first aid or any other gear of theirs for treatment - they are going to leave so their gear is not required. Your going to stay so your gear is required - including your first aid kit.
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