Oztrail Sleeping bags?

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Oztrail Sleeping bags?

Postby Vliegkat » Thu 08 Apr, 2021 4:54 am

Hi from South Africa

I'm posting this from across the massive pond in the hope that someone can advise.

Oztrail is selling quite a lot of camping gear over here and also a number of sleeping bags. However, I cannot find any reviews. I'm looking at their Treksmart 3 season sleeping bag as it is sold here for a very good price (if the performance is as claimed at a minimum rating of -10C .... I know I know, comfort ratings are very subjective ).

Can anyone share their experience with the brand and maybe this model?

https://www.oztrailstore.co.za/product/ ... e-celsius/

Much appreciated!
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Re: Oztrail Sleeping bags?

Postby JohnnoMcJohnno » Thu 08 Apr, 2021 9:14 am

Be careful. There's nothing wrong with Oztrail as a company, but their focus is more on car camping equipment than hiking gear, and on affordable rather than best quality. When I look at sleeping bags, rather than looking at the rating, I look at the insulation type, the quality, and how much insulation there is inside the bag. They haven't given you any of that information. They haven't given you an overall weight. And they don't say whether that -10 deg C rating is "comfort", "limit" or "extreme". That bag may well be OK, but I personally wouldn't be buying it without more information.
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Re: Oztrail Sleeping bags?

Postby Moondog55 » Thu 08 Apr, 2021 9:33 am

The temperature rating is probably very optimistic.
I'm guessing they use the Extreme rating or close to it.
Contact the company and ask for details on the insulation and construction before spending any money, you never know and you might get a detailed response.
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Re: Oztrail Sleeping bags?

Postby commando » Thu 08 Apr, 2021 12:40 pm

999 South African Rand equals 90.15 Australian Dollars which doesn't buy a top quality good bag in Australia

Sewn through construction to ensure insulation fill is securely held in position
Good bags are box wall construction.

Not sure what you are going to use it for but as JohnnoMc says it would be OK touring around in the back of a Combie Van
if you want to do Mt Kilimanjaro then its unsuitable.
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