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Re: Food storage

Postby Strider » Wed 10 Jan, 2018 10:27 am

emma_melbourne wrote:- Pissing in a perimeter around the camp site.

Apart from being disgusting, this could be a bit tricky, particularly for females!

Since spending a night battling the zip opening possums at Cooks Beach for my food, I always hang it in a drysack. So far so good, and I am yet to have any abseiling rat/mice issues either.

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Re: Food storage

Postby wildwanderer » Sat 13 Jan, 2018 6:32 am

Im using the suspended food bag approach. Usually atleast 2-3m above the ground if I can find the right branch.

Ive had several amusing nights where possums have climbed a nearby tree and leapt for it only to either miss completly or fail to get a grip on the silnylon. Both resulting in said possum crash landing with a thump and chuckle from me. :lol:

My only issue is sometimes finding a good suspending branch can be difficult. I once trusted a thin looking branch to much, it snapped and my bag landed in the middle of a massive thorn bush :( Was not fun to retreive.
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