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Re: Upset stomach from dehydrated food

Postby Huntsman247 » Wed 14 Feb, 2018 9:39 pm

Drew wrote:For years we've dehydrated food for walks. Always our dinners, sometimes lunches, sometimes part of our brekkies (like dehy stewed fruit to go in porridge, chia pudding etc). It's been one of the best bits of hiking gear I've ever bought and I can't imagine hiking dinners without it (we even dehydrated about 10 dinners and lunches for walks in Peru earlier this year).

BUT... It's become increasingly clear over the years that my partner's stomach doesn't like home dehydrated meals. She gets stinky gas (and sometimes more) within a few hours of eating meals, making sleeping in a tent uncomfortable for us both. I've also had the stinky gas on a handful of occasions (it's a distinct smell).

Typically we do fully cooked meals at home that we then dehydrate. Things like curries, dahl, tomato-based pasta sauces, ratatouille, veggie chilli bean things, bolognese. Sometimes the carbs (pasta, rice, cous cous, quinoa) are cooked and dehydrated, sometimes cooked fresh at camp. It seems that it's these dinner meals that cause problems, rather than brekkies or lunches (sometimes we do lunches of dehydrated plain veggies with noodles or cous cous and spices).

My partner does have a sensitive stomach in general and sometimes suffers from discomfort in day to day life, but the correlation with the dehydrated meals seems clear. She's mentioned it to doctors but not got any answers.

Just wondering if anyone else out there suffers this problem? Or if anyone has any ideas about what in particular about the dehydrated meals it could be that causes the problem? Ways to solve it?

I don't fancy going back to camp cooking with heavy fresh ingredients, or eating expensive and disgusting freeze-dried meals, so I'd love to find a solution!

I've noticed the same thing. Although I just have a mild discomfort and loser stool. Dunno why as I only use homemade foods to avoid smoke, sulfur, preservatives and other crap. But I find taking charcoal tablets works a charm. I don't take heaps but in low doses when hiking I find I don't have any issues anymore. It also is preventative of getting sick from who knows what.
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