VIC Digital 1:50000 topo maps (Geotiff/OziExp/jpg) free

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VIC Digital 1:50000 topo maps (Geotiff/OziExp/jpg) free

Postby keithy » Mon 09 Apr, 2018 7:53 pm

These are some free Victorian Topo maps with UTM grid overlay, using the index maps from the Vicmap file system, in various digital formats.

They are mainly 1:50000 maps available as
  • plain images (jpg)
  • geo referenced tiff (geotiff) or
  • Oziexplorer maps (OZF4)
Check them out here:

The sources include ... /licensing. So these are pretty much what you get when you pay for the 1:50K topo map PDFs through Vicmap ( ... 0Front.jsp)

You can view the jpg files on most device image viewers (or print them out) but the geotiffs/Ozf4 are handy if you have a geotiff capable app, or oziexplorer, as they are geo referenced maps that will work with GPS apps.
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