Garmin BaseCamp for Mac - 64 bit

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Garmin BaseCamp for Mac - 64 bit

Postby GPSGuided » Wed 06 Mar, 2019 4:56 pm

Couldn't find a specific thread on this matter but thought it's important enough for Garmin and Mac users.

Despite earlier uncertainty that Garmin may not port BaseCamp to 64 bit and stay compatible with future requirements of macOS, Garmin has settled the argument and release v4.8.3 just earlier that's 64 bit. An earlier version 4.8.2 was widely reported to be buggy with its installation and startup, my first experience with 64bit version of BaseCamp through v4.8.3 is good. Installed and ran the basic functionalities fine. Given it's an early port version, guess it will have a few bugs and would be wise to run it on the latest macOS version. At least we know BaseCamp is here to stay for the foreseeable future and save our data. ... sp?id=4449
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