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Memory Map and Garmin etrex10 and etrex20

PostPosted: Sat 14 Sep, 2019 5:18 pm
by rwildman
I had years ago purchased both the NSW and Tas map set for Memory Map navigation app and for many years I was able to upload and download from this to my Garmin etrex-10 with no problems. I recently purchased an etrex-20 and suddenly the navigational data downloaded from Memory Map to the etrex-20 was not visible. The files were there but the device couldn't recognise them. I discovered by accident a workaround without having to purchase the Garmin TOPO maps (although this may happen in the future) and get the navigational data working correctly on the etrex-20 device. Here goes:
1. Set up all the waypoints, tracks and routes on Memory Map as usual
2. Connect the etrex-20 and download this data as you would do now.
3. Get BaseCamp (free download from Garmin) and under File, New, List create a new list with a name of the area your data covers (eg. Christies Creek)
4. Upload the data from the device (BaseCamp can see it) into the new list you created.
5. Clear out the gpx data on the device - I used windows explorer to remove the files under /Garmin/GPX.
6. Download the list to your etrex-20 device (right click on the list).
The creation of the new files from BaseCamp are now in the correct Garmin format for the device to read with no problems. I don't know about other GPS units from Garmin but I guess if you can afford more expensive units then you probably have Garmin's TOPO maps anyway.