Overland Track Upgrades Update.

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Overland Track Upgrades Update.

Postby Overlandman » Fri 30 Jun, 2017 2:14 pm

From Parks

http://www.parks.tas.gov.au/indeX.aspx? ... intID=3744

The Overland Track's summer works program has seen gains in sanitation, historic heritage conservation works and track improvements.

Northwest Region manager Nic Deka, said the works are funded directly from the Overland Track fee which also provides for the team of Overland Track rangers.

(The track workers are doing a fantastic job).

Regards OLM
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Re: Overland Track Upgrades Update.

Postby Nuts » Fri 30 Jun, 2017 3:36 pm

They've always done a great job, big hugs and lots of back-slapping.. but they're big boys and public servants, i'm sure they'll forgive someone skipping to the nitty gritty (nb the fact that they know they have my support, the projects are driven 'higher' up.. just saying, to help pacify anyone feeling the twinge of tightening knickers. shrug)

My concerns mostly come under the banner of minimal impact, making the various issues seamless (to me).. but can appreciate they otherwise come across as disjunct rants. I'll try to keep it contained.

I'm sure the new toilet at PV will be an improvement of sorts. I was informed this one, a composting toilet and the pilot for the rest through the park, actually worked? but if not then, yes, an improvement.

Surely a 'massive' improvement would be to minimise the wet waste and therefore the number of flights necessary? Even if an active system was required, surely the cost (in $ and ingress of over-flights) would be lessened?

A massive improvement to me though, would include the provision for dumping carried waste (poo). In this case down from more sensitive places under increasing pressure, such as the Labyrinth, to some extent the Acropolis ridge. And even just for the exercise, whether necessary now or in some re-imagined future, or even if not 'necessary' at all.. play some role in encouraging a mindset that may carry through to other areas to which tourists are being encouraged. Provide the bags and somewhere to drop them? And if this is indeed possible now, considering it's all just flown out... let everyone know, promote the fact?

At least it's done, somebody once asked..
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Re: Overland Track Upgrades Update.

Postby bobcrusader » Thu 25 Jan, 2018 11:33 am

Some significant work was being done on a few side trips mid Jan 2018. OT to Mt Dorris is now nearly all boardwalk, speeding up a trip to Mt Ossa. Hartnett Falls track to lower part of falls is now a path of large sunken rocks with boardwalks at the bottom. Ferguson Falls track was under repair too.
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