Globewalker New Ownership - BWA Offer!

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Globewalker New Ownership - BWA Offer!

Postby JohnStrider » Sun 19 Mar, 2017 9:18 pm

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is well and enjoying an adventure or two along the way. I've had very busy last 4 months what with my blog and MeetUp taking off, but I also went into business and bought Globewalker

For those of you who aren't familiar with Globewalker, we are a Melbourne based outdoor company that sells high quality European made activewear, down sleeping bags and mountaineering gear. It doesn't matter if you are a hiker, camper, runner, jogger, walker, gym junkie, cyclist, cross fitter, athlete, mountaineer or anything else in between, we have something for you.

First of all, my business partner and I would like to congratulate the previous owner Kasia in the way she took her business from nothing to something. Whilst the business and associated brands are largely unknown, we know she did an excellent job in bringing those brands to the attention of some of you, as well as the existing outdoor market. We're looking forward to continuing the relationship with our existing customers, as well as introducing ourselves to a new wave of outdoor enthusiasts.

Our plan is fairly simply moving forward - grow the business itself and increase the exposure for the brands that we stock. In our short time running the business, we've received some amazing feedback from our existing customers, as well as new ones. We're confident our products are of a high quality and stand up in even the most intense conditions. We are also looking into expanding our existing product range, as well as bring on some new brands in the not too distant future.

To celebrate our new ownership, for the next two weeks we will be offering Bushwalk Australia members 10% off all products ex. socks (they already have a discount applied if you buy three at a time :D ). The code is BUSHWALK10 and will expire April 2nd.

So, if you are in need of some new outdoor gear for autumn or those winter months that aren't too far away, please feel free to get in touch or shoot me an email:


John - Globewalker
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Re: Globewalker New Ownership - BWA Offer!

Postby keithy » Mon 10 Apr, 2017 4:28 pm

Congrats on the new venture John. I still love my Cumulus sleeping bag that I got from Globewalker.
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