Made to order synthetic overquilts and summer quilts

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Made to order synthetic overquilts and summer quilts

Postby undercling-mike » Wed 09 May, 2018 7:21 pm

Hi everyone, I've been offering down quilts for sale on the forum for the past few years and am now happy to be offering synthetic quilts as well. The synthetic quilts are designed to work together with my down quilts or any other quilt/bag as an overquilt to add insulation to the sleeping system and also on their own as a warm weather quilt. The features are as follows:

  • The insulation is Climashield APEX and it will be available in nominal weights of 85g/sq.m (2.5oz/sq.yd) and 122g/sq.m (3.6oz/sq.yd)
  • The quilts are a half taper design that opens out flat and has a zip and drawcord to form a closed footbox.
  • Each length of synthetic quilt is designed to work as an overquilt with the corresponding length of down quilt. The clips which connect the quilt to the pad straps align to allow the two quilts to be teamed up using quilt layering straps (your choice of either double quilt straps or the normal single quilt straps will be supplied with the quilt). When used on their own the synthetic quilts will suit someone up to ~5cm taller than the corresponding size of down quilt.
  • Two width options: regular (132cm (52") top width, tapering from half way to 97cm (38") foot width) and wide (145cm (57") top width, 110cm (43") foot width). The wide option is ideal for use as an overquilt, although the regular width option will still work but with less tuck in. The regular width option is good for use as a warm weather quilt, keeping down the weight and bulk for users not requiring a wide quilt.
  • Weights and prices: weights are given for using 10d fabric inside and out and there will be some variation due to variation in the Climashield APEX thickness.
    Code: Select all
    |                 |  85gsm / 2.5osy | 122gsm / 3.6osy |
    | Size            | Weight  | Price | Weight  | Price |
    | Short/Regular   | 340g    | $210  | 430g    | $230  |
    | Short/Wide      | 370g    | $210  | 470g    | $230  |
    | Regular/Regular | 365g    | $220  | 470g    | $240  |
    | Regular/Wide    | 395g    | $220  | 515g    | $240  |
    | Long/Regular    | 395g    | $230  | 510g    | $250  |
    | Long/Wide       | 425g    | $230  | 535g    | $250  |
  • Temperature ratings I've taken from numerous online sources and are approx +10C for the 85gsm APEX and +6C for the 122gsm APEX
  • The temperature rating increase from using a synthetic quilt as an overquilt is approximately 8 - 10C for the 85gsm and 12C - 14C 122gsm APEX respectively, although this assumes that insulation is also increased in other parts of the system such as the sleeping pad and head insulation and may require some experience with the system to reach its maximum potential.
  • Quilts will be supplied with a stuff sack and either a pair of regular pad straps or layering pad straps.

A wide/regular synthetic quilt over a regular size -8C down quilt.

The synthetic quilt with the footbox closed up.

Opened up as a blanket.

Detail of the zipper.

Showing how the clips on the synthetic quilts and down quilts line up.

The quilt layering straps allow you to clip in both quilts when using the synthetic quilt as an overquilt.

If you'd like to order then please send me a private message on the forum or post to this thread and I'll send you a PM.

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