Pieman River at Corinna

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Pieman River at Corinna

Postby Wollemi » Sat 08 Dec, 2018 7:26 pm

Can one launch a heavily-laden kayak from either side of the Pieman River at Corinna, or is it strictly the northern side - where the the cabins and camping are?

Is there any camping at the confluence of Paradise River or Owen Meredith River?

From the Heemskirk Rd, is it possible to get car access down to, and launch a kayak from, the base of the dam at the N end of Lake Pieman?

Our expedition sea-kayaks are fibreglass/kevlar/carbon, so I am not going to lift them over log jams of the side rivers, thanks.
A good resource for kayaking downstream of Corinna here: http://www.tassierambler.org/2012/01/pi ... atman.html

If you would like to join me, please PM.
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Re: Pieman River at Corinna

Postby TasTygerGrl » Mon 10 Dec, 2018 6:00 am

Hey there matey

I’ve paddled from Corinna few times now, but only ever used their boat ramp from the Corinna pub car park. The other side I haven’t checked, but as the river rises and falls often there is quite a bit of an edge/drop to the water, along most of pieman edge. So probably no. Good thing about Corinna side is showers and food once you come off the water :)

Ask hydro about access to Reece dam, but I’m sure it’s a no as they normally have a restrictive distance to dam walls due to serious injury if they decide to spill or let more water go. Give them a call, really good to work with as long as you’re safety focussed :)

Savage river I have paddled up to the bridge and back, you could go further, but we already had a few logs at that point. Donaldson is big wide and begging to be paddled me thinks. I need to head up further than the hour we did. The tarkine trails, Phil pullinger, bob brown foundation book has more info on this river, but looked beautiful when I crossed on the road to nowhere/western explorer and no way in from that bridge, too high.

Lovers corner good to camp at, just beware it is tidal, so some days it’s a sandy mud bath to hit the water :?

We camped at the heads and crossed to the north side and had the best walk through to ruperts point. Incredibly breathtaking :D

Now for up river to dam...

I’ve only paddled up the Whyte river and then further up river to Nancy creek and the huuugggeeeee Huon pine near there, but would love to go further. Looks like in google a few flat sandy corners that may provide disembarking camping spots when I’ve looked in the past.

If you’d like a co-paddler I’m keen, just depends when etc

Hope the above helps :D
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