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Gaiagps Navigation App

Postby Maraea48 » Mon 07 Jan, 2019 8:11 pm

The Old and New Minnow Falls tracks are now shown on the GAIAGPS topo map.
GAIAGPS is an “must have” navigation app for IOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices i.e. Android Tablets and Phones. The software can be down loaded for free from the App Store [Apple-iTunes for IOS] and Google App Store [for Android] The app comes with a basic world-wide map but If you become a GAIAGPS member [$27.99 AUD per annum] you have access to 50 world-wide maps and overlays as well as unlimited map downloads. When you down load maps to your device you can use these off-line, even when there is no signal. The app can also map [record] your walk so you can always find your way back, and you can save the track for future use. A premium subscription will give you access to 250 maps and overlays and a host of other features. We have been using the GAIAGPS App with basic member ship for a month now and recently upgraded to premium membership. And I believe my Garmin GPS64s with OZTOPO V8 maps has just become obsolete. Gaia uses open source topo and street maps as well as satellite maps which have been pretty accurate in Western Australia. Have not had a chance yet to use it in Tasmania. You can also access the maps on your computer and that is how we discovered the Minnow Falls Tracks. The only drawback with using your phone is battery live, but you can overcome that with a power-bank. Kogan has some pretty good selection of those things
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Gaiagps Topo Map
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Re: Gaiagps Navigation App

Postby crollsurf » Mon 07 Jan, 2019 9:06 pm

I use it in NSW and think it is worth the money. I really like the way it syncs between your PC and your phone, so you can do all your planning on your PC and it becomes available on your phone.

I'm sure there are others out there but GaiaGPS is one of the best for sure.

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