Revised Draft Master Plan for Your Freycinet Peninsula

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Revised Draft Master Plan for Your Freycinet Peninsula

Postby Nuts » Fri 29 Mar, 2019 6:46 am

An extension to the public comment period has been provided, with feedback to now be received by 9am Friday 26 April 2019.
The focus is on visitor infrastructure and investment, including services to better manage increased visitation to the Peninsula, both now and into the future.

Etc. etc. and so on..
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Re: Revised Draft Master Plan for Your Freycinet Peninsula

Postby Nuts » Tue 02 Apr, 2019 10:38 am

Freycinet Action Network

Freycinet Master Plan - What future do you want for Freycinet?


- Do you want up to 200 24-seat bus movements per day, going through the Esplanade and Jetty Road, from Boxing Day to 31 January? Possibly as many as 10,000 bus movements through the village each season.

- How is this plan aiming for a sustainable future at Freycinet?

- Do you want commercial ferry and water taxi access to the Park at the Fisheries (quarry)? Think noise, new boat movements, a new jetty at the quarry, doubling the length of Breakwater Jetty and forget about lazy afternoons with the children fishing off the jetty.

- Do you want an unlimited number of visitors to the park at peak times or a limit on numbers?

- Is building new car parks the best answer to manage ever increasing visitor numbers to Freycinet? At what point will we stop building new car parks? Will Wineglass Bay be the same with 500 or more people on the beach at any one time?

- Were you as a local resident or shack owner consulted about what you value about Freycinet and how the Master Plan could manage those values?

- What impact will the international airport (scheduled to commence in Dec/Jan 20/21) and the substantial additional capacity of the Spirit of Tasmania ships have on Tasmania’s visitor numbers? Will we become a mass tourism destination? What impacts will this have on Tasmanian locals and our brand? Think traffic, housing affordability and impacts on our natural and cultural heritage.

- What can we learn from places around the world who are suffering from mass tourism?

Date: Monday 22 April 2019, 11 am – 12.30 pm
Venue: Coles Bay Community Hall, 6 Cosgrove Street, Coles Bay
Hosted by: FAN and others

Freycinet Master Plan Comment Information

Comment due date: 9:00am Friday 26 April 2019.
View plan here:
Comments must be provided in writing addressed to: Revised Draft Freycinet Peninsula Master Plan 2019, Director of National Parks and Wildlife GPO Box 1751 Hobart TAS 7001 or by email to

More Information

Sophie Underwood – 0407 501 999 or Join FAN’s email updates by emailing Sophie & Like FAN’s Facebook page.
Lagarostrobos franklinii
Lagarostrobos franklinii
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Re: Revised Draft Master Plan for Your Freycinet Peninsula

Postby bogholesbuckethats » Thu 25 Jul, 2019 8:57 am

Tasmanian Government launches Freycinet Master Plan with no cap on number of visitors to national park

The Mercury 25/7/19

FREYCINET’S long-awaited master plan has been criticised for refusing to listen to community demands to cap visitors entering the national park.

Environment, Parks and Heritage Minister Peter Gutwein launched the State Government’s Freycinet Master Plan on Wednesday. It attempts to set out a sustainable future for one of Tasmania’s most popular tourist destinations.

It comes a day after the State Government confirmed it was considering raising entry fees to national parks for the first time in 10 years, in a bid to boost parks funding on the back of booming tourist numbers.

But Coles Bay resident and tourism operator Tabatha Badger said it was disappointing the community’s main suggestion hadn’t been listened to.

“We’re looking at dealing with infinite growth when we’ve got finite resources in Coles Bay,” she said.

“There needs to be some kind of reservation or control system on visitor numbers. There is a point when the place is no longer special because there’s too many people there.”

Freycinet Action Network convener Sophie Underwood said a public meeting of 250 people voted for the master plan to be rejected until a park carrying capacity was established.

She said the notion of overcrowding at Freycinet National Park was already being mentioned on tourism websites.

“The community feels like it’s already at carrying capacity in peak season,” Ms Underwood said. “For me personally I don’t want to go there in summer anymore.

“If we cater for what locals and the community want, that’s usually what tourists come to see — not growth at every cost.”

Mr Gutwein said: “We believe by investing into infrastructure, ensuring we deal with issues like traffic management and parking, but also dispersal through the park we can comfortably manage the projected growth numbers.

“The way we are looking to manage visitors into the park there in no need for a cap.

“The plan should stand the test of time for the next 20 years to ensure we can provide for both those that live here, but importantly the hundreds of thousands of visitors.”

The master plan accounts for long-term growth in visitors to the peninsula at 3.5 per cent each year. About 300,000 people visit the park annually.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Mayor Debbie Wisby said relocating carparking outside the park would allow for pulses of people to go through the town rather than a continuous stream between 11am-1pm each day.

She said the master plan provided council with a document to use to obtain funding for required infrastructure in the township.

The master plan identifies five key initiatives, including a new visitor gateway location with staged development to address traffic and carparking concerns, a network of transport solutions, including a shuttle service, improved wastewater management, experience nodes to disperse visitors and a new entrance corridor.
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Re: Revised Draft Master Plan for Your Freycinet Peninsula

Postby Nuts » Fri 26 Jul, 2019 12:18 pm

It's interesting to hear a conciliatory tone (below) from Luke Martin when he was recently stream-rolling over the notion of visitor number caps and seems happy to laugh off any concerns, even from within tourism industry. The truth is there's no plan other than one increasing park exposure to unchecked growth and a notion that all problems can be built over. This master plan doesn't resolve capacity, and the TWWHA plan wont.

At first raising park fees might seem fairly reasonable, but why should the sole focus be on tourism and self-funding. Why should taxpayers fund the excess needed by this industry? If the tourism sector has no interest in caps and supporting the other protections and roles of our parks then what right do tourism luminaries have to a voice in management? It seems handy to lean on constitutional rights, but where is mention of raising fees for international tourists? Afterall, there's no evidence they benefit any park attribute while supporting this private industry, in fact, given that they need more infrastructure the tourism mass may even be little more than another detriment to wild places? And that the push supports base hospitality jobs, let's our state government at seemingly easy money(votes), and off supporting 'higher tech' industries with more substance?

Anyhow.. best not start ranting- ... beSJvg9vjY

Can just go in winter indeed..
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