Free parks pass to all seniors

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Free parks pass to all seniors

Postby bogholesbuckethats » Tue 04 Jun, 2019 10:07 am

That looks like a pad.
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Re: Free parks pass to all seniors

Postby Wollemi » Tue 04 Jun, 2019 11:25 am

Your title does not reflect the overall story - that the Tasmanian Liberal Government neglected to note the (Commonwealth) Constitutions clause of Section 117. And if you are wanting to tell all seniors of the availability of a free parks pass while in Tasmania (for the first year only), you would/should link the story to the General Discussion at this forum.

A mountaineering partner told me that when she worked in the Northern Territory, non Northern-Territorians paid significantly more to visit National Parks there than the locals did, circa 2007-09. Perhaps no-one was aware of the Commonwealth Constitution clause, there, either.

And the clause probably does not apply to private enterprises such as MONA - free for Tasmanian residents only.
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