Parks and Wildlife pushes ahead with $4.5 million Dove Lake

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Parks and Wildlife pushes ahead with $4.5 million Dove Lake

Postby taswegian » Mon 01 Jul, 2019 5:36 pm

I just saw this in The Advocate

The planning application is here
I haven't followed this much but that photo realistic artists impression of the shelter viewed looking towards Cradle is, IMO, an abomination.
The roof line is so incongruous, so chunky and an eyesore.
No idea who proposed that but surely Cradle Mt deserves better than that.
SmartSelect_20190701-181726_Xodo Docs.jpg
newly designed Dove Lake Viewing shelter

Have I missed something? Something in the design brief or criteria?
Others may have a different story.
Also reported While the work is underway, there will be a temporary boardwalk to Dove Lake, while the existing path is demolished and rehabilitated and a new path is laid
Again ignorant. But why build a temporary board walk, demolish and rehab the existing path and build a new path?
Is the grade of the existing path not suited to modern standards?
I note the new one curves out to the west then returns to existing.

Mind boggles!
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Re: Parks and Wildlife pushes ahead with $4.5 million Dove L

Postby north-north-west » Mon 01 Jul, 2019 6:13 pm


At least the original design proposal had the viewing centre underground so it wasn't such a massive eyesore.
That abomination is ridiculous.
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Re: Parks and Wildlife pushes ahead with $4.5 million Dove L

Postby Graham17 » Wed 03 Jul, 2019 7:16 am

cradle shelter1.jpg
The initial blurb had a "earth covered" roof to disguise structure from the north,,, so guessing maybe changed because any revege would be difficult in a slow growing environment ,, It would be better tho if the shelter wasnt smack in your view coming in, good chance it won't be we hope!
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