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Ted's Beach + Trappes Inlet Track

PostPosted: Tue 09 Jul, 2019 11:31 am
by weetbix456
I was wandering about the the South-West recently, exploring short walk options along Gordon River Road - and found on some old maps a circuit track that looped around from Ted's Beach, Picnic Cove, hugging the lake shore of Trappes Inlet before linking back up with the road. I tried to find any trace of it, but could only really pick up a couple of old posts and some remains of markers/signs that seemed to indicate there was a track through there at some point. The majority of it that I could see is now well overgrown. Later on digging around for extra info - one map resource has the track marked as closed.

Does anyone have any historical information about this track/route - whether it was used predominantly for fishing, walking or vehicular - or when it was officially closed (I assume for re-veg) and why?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Ted's Beach + Trappes Inlet Track

PostPosted: Mon 15 Jul, 2019 11:05 pm
by johnw
I'm assuming this is not a sensitive location. Can't offer any historical info and given you've already done a recce this might not be much help, but I did a walk from across the road up onto Twelvetrees Range two or three years back. Coincidentally I took a few photos looking back in that direction from the service road going up (Jacks Track - which appears to miss linking to your mystery track end on GRR by about 50 metres. I think I probably parked almost on it). Depends on which layer is viewed on List Map as to whether it shows that track as closed.
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