Mother Cummings Peak North and South in one walk.

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Mother Cummings Peak North and South in one walk.

Postby Speculator » Fri 23 May, 2008 4:25 pm

Heya all,

Does anyone know anything about the possibility of doing Mother Cummings Southern Peak (ie. the correct peak) from the Northern peak track, referred to here? It looks simple enough to wander through and pick up the Smoko Creek track as is ascends the final protrusion in the plateau, but sometimes what looks simple on a map doesn't always work out that way! ;)

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Re: Mother Cummings Peak North and South in one walk.

Postby walkinTas » Sat 24 May, 2008 11:58 am

This is the walk as described by Tyrone Thomas.
" A well defined track leads up through the cliff lines from 760m high [on] Westrope Road... Once on the plateau, a delightful alpine plain and vast moss beds can be explored. The aim is to climb to the summit of an un-named rocky crag 1190m high, some 2km north-north-west of [the] famous Mother Cummings Peak. ...Mother Cummings Peak dominates the view south-east from the top.

...take a 2 Km return side trip south-south-east. There is no track to follow so it would be unwise to take the trip in fog. The aim is to explore the mossy plain..."

I know that isn't much help in your quest, but he doesn't seem to have actually walked to Mother Cummings Peak. He climbed the north peak and "explored" the plateau.
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Re: Mother Cummings Peak North and South in one walk.

Postby Nick S » Thu 29 May, 2008 5:04 pm

Hi Speculator,
I walked up the southern mother cummings peak from the smoko creek track about 3 years ago and it was fine. Maybe slighly overgrown toward the top but no real problems.
I followed the tyrone thomas description, but basically you drive as if you are going to the meander falls track, but then turn off that road a few km before, and follow another dirt road. I remember we first crossed a river by skipping on some stones and then walking along an old road for the first 30 min before reaching the real track.

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