Bushwalk Australia Magazine - February 2019

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Bushwalk Australia Magazine - February 2019

Postby wildwalks » Fri 01 Feb, 2019 7:40 pm

Higher Places -- Latest edition

Bushwalk Australia Magazine
February 2019 : Issue 33

Download PDF (8mb)

Epub Version (14mb)

Article include:
* Australian Alps Walking Track - Past, Present and Future
* Los Dientes Circuit, Southern Chile - The 50 kilometres circuit
* Tassie Winter Trip - Part one of a family trip
* Photo gallery - Amazing photography of our bushland
* Our High Country Lore and Literature – 1880s to 2010s
* Halls Island - De facto privatisation in a World Heritage Area national park
* Mysterious Native Cherries - The root hemiparasite trees
* Vegan Food - Apricot & Pistachio Salami and Plum & Chia Pudding
* The bushwalker - Into solitude poem

Happy Reading and Walking :)

Matt :)
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