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Postby kanangra » Fri 10 Jan, 2014 10:16 am

This spot at the tidal limit of Middle Harbour Ck. has historical interest as the site where Governor Phillip camped on one of his very early journeys of exploration around Sydney in April 1788. The party came overland from Manly, climbing Beacon Hill on the way. Governor Phillip Lkt. commemorates this ascent. The party camped at Bungaroo on 16th April 1788. The party described the area as being very remote and it still has that feel today, being much as they would have found it all those years ago.

I began from the start of the Cascades track off Douglas St. St. Ives, not far from Acron Oval. this track leads down into the valley passing Upper and Lower Cambourne tracks on the way. at the bottom it joins with Bare Track and then crosses the creek. After a small rise the track drops again this time to cross Frenchs Ck. at the Cascades. This is a large open rocky area where the two creeks join. Here I leave the firetrails behind and continue on Middle Harbour Track. Considering how close this is to the centre of Sydney the area has a really wild feel to it and there is very little rubbish around. Except for the inflatable boat hanging from one of the trees that is. Oh well. There are some camp caves passed and then the Bungaroo Track comes in. This leads down across the creek at some stepping stones and is actually known as Stepping Stone Crossing. I decide to continue on and soon arrive at the Pipeline crossing. This pipe takes water under high pressure from Ryde to Beacon Hill via Pymble. There used to be a footbridge here but not any longer and so I return to Bungaroo and make my crossing there.

On the other side the track follows the creek for a while and then climbs steeply out of the valley on wooden steps. Along the way there are some NP signs to read. At different points the pipeline can be seen off to the left but the track keeps turning away from it until coming out at Founders Way off Hunter Ave. in St Ives. From here I jogged back to the car on the suburban streets.

Highly recommended.

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