Yuraygir Coastal Walk

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Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Postby Naturejourney » Tue 18 Apr, 2017 7:59 pm


Just spent last week walking North to South along the Yuraygir Coastal Walk. A 65km walk along mostly beach, some heathland/headland and a little rock platform climbing/walking.

This walk is usually done in 4 days but I decided to take it slow this time and took 4.5 days, 4 nights on the trail.

It is an easy walk if you plan well and the weather is on your side. Luckily I had lovely Autumn sunshine. I had a lot of head on wind all the way from Lake Arragon via brooms head to Sandon which meant my head was down. Also as the tide was slightly up I had to wade a creek just before reaching Brooms.

I drove my car to Red Rock and left it at a friends place. Essentially it takes 3 buses to get from Red Rock to Yamba and the timetable was a little different being school holidays. The bus companies are happy to help you if you just give them a call.

Instead of getting the 7:35Am bus from Red Rock to Corindi I got a lift with the cano ground manager then took the 8:15 Ryans bus to Grafton getting of at Coles car park south Grafton. Then walked through the car park to the back of the shops and waited for the 9:20AM 380 busways bus to Yamba. The drivers were both really nice. The 380 driver took me all the way to the Angourie headland carpark and dropped me off.

My Itinerary:
Day 1 - Angourie to Lake Arragon 13km
Day 2 - Lake Arragon to Sandon River Camping Area 13km
Day 3 - Sandon to Boorkoom Camping Area 17.5km
Day 4 - Boorkoom to Pebbly Beach Camping Area 13km
Day 5 - Pebbly to Red Rock 5.4km

River Crossings

Sandon River by Kayak. Luckily it was School holidays. I approached a lovely family and borrowed one of their Kayaks in the early morning after camping at Sandon River Camping area. They double the Kayak back.
Wooli Wooli River by Boat. Contact Lovely Bruce to get you across. He leaves from near the Skate park and takes you the 3km down stream to the crossing. $10 per person with a minimum of $20 for just one person.
Corindi Creek at Red Rock. Tide was on it's way in so I just waded out a little and waved down some people boating out in their RIB. They came back and got us with two boats and took us across.

Unless you are in super off peak time and no one is around at all I think you would be pretty safe to not worry to much about planning your crossings.

Wooli - Bruce 0439409909
Red Rock - Nico 0403015412

General Stores
Basic resupply

Brooms Head - coffee available
Minnie Water - coffee available
Wooli - Wooli has a fish and chip shop and if you walk further down on the other parallel rd you will come across a nice fancy mod cafe called little fish. Almond croissants, smashed avo with fetta on sourdough and iced coffee on offer as well as many other treats if thats your thing.
Red Rock

The signage along the way was not very clear. Though you don't need to many markers as you are mostly following the beach south. Just as you head out of Sandon, if you intend to walk the 4wd track for 10km stick to the right about 3 times. There are no markers here. You will pass around a padlocked gate and soon come to a Road Closed sign which means you stick to the right. Watch out! I got completely eaten alive by mozzies in here. I don't usually get bitten but these things welted up and became so insanely itchy. Days later I am still applying Thursday Plantation tea tree oil cream.

Just before Pebbly Beach there is a marker on your right which points straight ahead. If you wish to continue walking on the rock formations which are amazing then fine but actually it is RIGHT that you need to go, up the steps past the wooden seat and then to your left up over the headland before arriving to Pebbly Beach Camping area.

I met two friends half way through my walk in minnie and we continued on together. We had a lovely slow walk, usually I am off and knocking off the k's. At Wooli we ate at the cafe, rested and lay in the sun by the river edge, told takes of past adventures and waited for our lift across the river.

If you plan this in, Shelley headland is a gorgeous place to stop and camp and is free, with no car access. All other NP Campsites are $12 per adult per night and if you are meeting a car the car will be $8 per night/day.

I think that's all the info i wanted to share. let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Postby ofuros » Tue 18 Apr, 2017 9:00 pm

Thanks for sharing all that info, Naturejourney.
Glad you enjoyed your coastal adventure.
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Re: Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Postby TerraMer » Fri 21 Apr, 2017 12:09 am

Great post! Very helpful information. I walked through the bushland of Yuraygir following fire trails and 4wd tracks. I have been planning to do the coast walk this year and now I am more relaxed about the water crossings. Thank you
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Re: Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Postby Pink Cap » Mon 29 Jun, 2020 1:40 pm

I’m keen to do this walk in July. Since I’m walking alone I was planning to do the distance in several out and back stages, driving to each place and not carrying much. From what I’ve read this seems a feasible itinerary: Lake Arragan to Sandon and back, Minnie Water to Little Pebbly and back, Minnie Water to Wooli and back, Red Rock to Wooli River south side and back. My question is, does anyone know if it is ok to wade or swim the river at Red Rock? I can plan to do one direction at low tide but not both (unless I sit and wait a long while). I checked with the Ranger and there is no boat at Red Rock, and its not economical for me to do the crossing both ways at Wooli.
Pink Cap
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Re: Yuraygir Coastal Walk

Postby DavidB » Sat 04 Jul, 2020 4:08 pm

Like you I'm doing this walk with a few others at the end of August. And like you I've been trying to find out about the crossing of the Corindi River at Red Rock. After several enquiries including some good help from one of the local bushwalking clubs, the advice can be summed up as cross the river at low tide near the boat ramp. Failing that try and hitch a lift with a passing boat.

If I find out anything more I'll post it here.
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