Route information sought High Plains to Feathertop

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Route information sought High Plains to Feathertop

Postby Uncle Rumple » Sun 23 Sep, 2018 6:43 pm

Hello All

I'm planning a walk from Bogong Village to Harrietville in late Jan 2019. The first few days to Tawonga Huts seem pretty routine - via the Fainters and Mt Jaithmathang and on to Tawonga Huts

When we leave Tawonga it looks like we can go to Westons - Blairs - Diamantina Horse Yards and up Diamantina Spur to Federation Hut, with a camp along the way at the Horse Yards

Alternatively we could take a slightly longer route via the AAWT, past Mt Jim - Cobungra Gap - Dibbins - Derrick - Mt loch Carpark and up the Razorback to Federation Hut, with a camp at Derrick Hut

I've seen lots of comments in this forum about descending Diamantina Spur, but none about the walk up it

Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, recommendations etc as to which spur (Diamantina or Razorback) would be better?

Many thanks
Uncle Rumple
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Route information sought High Plains to Feathertop

Postby Lophophaps » Sun 23 Sep, 2018 10:05 pm

That's a nice trip.

There's reasonably reliable water about 600 metres before Bogong Jack Saddle. It's nice mainly open country on the ridge south of Fainters to Jathmathang. if you pick up water on the hut side of the summit it should be possible to camp high. If you are not stopping at Tawonga Huts you can do a side trip from the saddle, down and back, then along the ridge to pole 333, or cut the corner a little. Unless it's thck fog you should see the snow poles.

Westons to Blairs is nice. As Diamantina Horse Yards is open to vehicles you may be better camping at Blairs It's not that long a day from Westons to Federation, and it's only a morning if starting at Blairs. I've gone Westons-Federation for lunch. The CPR was successful.

Diamantina Spur is steep, long and hard, so get ready mentally for it. Too many false summits, too many "Are we there yet?" It's not hard technically, just a slog.

Going via Dibbins is nice most of the way until the ski resort where it's necessary to walk on the main road. Derrick Hut has good camping, with the last water until Federation or running off Feathertop on the Tom Kneen Track. If you start early and move quickly you can go from Derrick to Federation before lunch. The Feathertop water has always been running when I was there.
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Re: Route information sought High Plains to Feathertop

Postby davidn3875 » Mon 24 Sep, 2018 9:49 am

The Diamantina Spur is one of those "I'm never coming up here again" climbs. As Lop says, it is a slog. As you are going in January, take plenty of H2O with you to avoid dehydration.
Another alternative, albeit with more vehicle track walking is up the Machinery Spur past Red Robin.
Which ever way you choose, it is a great walk.
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