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Best track from King Hut to Craigs Hut

Mon 04 Nov, 2019 2:07 pm

Hi there

I will be doing a walk which includes a section from King Hut to Craigs Hut. I am looking to find the best walking route between the two. My partner is very fit but she is not keen on scrub-bashing.

Maps mark a track from King Hut to Peters Corner (Old King Road?) as overgrown and permanently closed, which looks like the shortest route with some form of track. Does anyone know what condition it is in (I am aware that some old tracks in this area are very thickly overgrown)?

The two other options appear to be:
1. Speculation Road then Circuit Road and Clear Hills Spur
2. King Basin Road then McCormacks Track.
While the first looks more direct, I gather they are actually about the same distance, and the second might be more attractive.

Would appreciate any advice, particularly if anyone has recently walked that track directly up from King Hut to Peters Corner.


Re: Best track from King Hut to Craigs Hut

Tue 05 Nov, 2019 5:20 pm

ASFAIK McCormack's track is a scrub bash. The route up to Peter's corner involves a river crossing if you come in from King Hut.I have not walked on either route. Walking on maintained 4 WD tracks is not that interesting but offers the fastest way with the least resistance.

Re: Best track from King Hut to Craigs Hut

Thu 07 Nov, 2019 11:05 am

Haven't done it myself but remember reading about someone who did. Went searching and found the thread from antfellow (refer to day 6)

Old maps have a track that allows you to follow the track mentioned but before reaching Peters Corner you can to continue up the the spur to Circuit Rd higher up.

Re: Best track from King Hut to Craigs Hut

Thu 07 Nov, 2019 12:44 pm

Paidal chalne vala and Scroggin - many thanks for your responses.

Scroggin - that link is very helpful ; thanks for taking the time to hunt it down. It corroborates some information provided in the detailed notes for the Hut 2 Hut run. Antfellow's notes describe a track from Peters Corner, which I take it must be different from the one you mention, which leaves before Peters Corner (and which was also used in the Hut 2 Hut run).


Re: Best track from King Hut to Craigs Hut

Fri 08 Nov, 2019 10:55 am

I suspect its a different track at least from Peters Corner it might join up with it further up ???. looked up the Hut 2 Hut run and they call it Bill's Track.

Re: Best track from King Hut to Craigs Hut

Fri 08 Nov, 2019 4:24 pm

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