Elabana falls

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Elabana falls

Postby picnic » Mon 20 Nov, 2017 7:48 pm

Hi All

So i recently finally managed to find Elabanna falls 4th time is a charm
1st time- the road was closed due to the flood damage
2nd and 3rd time- i ended up at the wrong side of the park seriously i need to listen to google maps better

so the 4th time i made the drive i managed to get there and i absolutely fell in love with Elabana falls it was everything i imagined and more, the walk was easy nature was stunning and the sounds and look of the wildlife i love even the black snake i almost stood on. i would highly recommend going to check out these falls and you can pick what track and intensity level you take to get there.

does anyone else know of other waterfalls similar to Elabana?
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Re: Elabana falls

Postby ofuros » Tue 21 Nov, 2017 3:37 am

For starters, Springbrook NP has a few to get you going...

Purling Brook falls...

The Twin falls circuit where you walk behind the falls.

If your feeling super energetic,
the Warrie circuit is a thigh burning 17km long descent & ascent with many waterfalls along the route.

Natural Bridge circuit...

There's the Settlement camp area up there if you feel like making a weekend of it.
All are at their best after summers rains...

Only way in & one way out of Springbrook @ the moment, via Pine Creek Rd...enjoy your search, Picnic.

https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/parks/sprin ... about.html
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Re: Elabana falls

Postby Champion_Munch » Tue 21 Nov, 2017 8:27 pm

Hey picnic,

Not sure which track you did to visit Elabana, but both the Box Creek Circuit (shorter) or the Toolona Creek Circuit (longer) have a series of stunning waterfalls on the same creek system. You will find pictures of Chlahn Falls and Box Log Falls but all the other less well-known cascades/falls are well worth visiting along those tracks.

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Re: Elabana falls

Postby johnw » Wed 22 Nov, 2017 9:51 pm

ofuros wrote:If your feeling super energetic, the Warrie circuit is a thigh burning 17km long descent & ascent with many waterfalls along the route.

Only done it once but that is a lovely walk and yes, will get the blood pumping.
John W

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