Bibbulman Track public transport options

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Bibbulman Track public transport options

Postby walkingman1 » Sat 26 Nov, 2016 2:42 pm

Hiya all,
Maybe it’s just me, but I loathe using my car; even more so to go for a Bibbulman Track walk. I also like to walk one way, so over the years I have collected some Bib Track walks that use public transport to make one way walks. I thought someone else might find these useful.
For those uninitiated to WA, we have two coach services operating in the South West: Transwa and Southwest Coachlines. Transwa has the more comprehensive network and more services. Not all locations receive services every day – check timetables and book online. It is worth noting Transwa services must be booked minimum 2 hours before the service departs it starting point and Southwest Coachlines recommends a week in advance. Transwa coaches leave the East Perth Train Station and if passing through Bunbury they connect with the Perth to Bunbury Train services in Bunbury, giving a second option for travel between Bunbury and Perth. Bunbury acts as a hub for many of the services, but note the two coach companies operate from separate sites in Bunbury several km apart. I live in Perth so I apologise for the “Perth centred” point of view.

Kalamunda to Ball Creek: use Perth’s urban transit bus network Transperth to either Kalamunda or Mundaring. Connection between the Track and Mundaring is made via the dual use pathway between Mundaring Weir and Mundaring townsite.

Harvey Quindanning Rd to Collie: Coach to Collie via Bunbury and then use Collie taxi service to get to the Track at Harvey Quindanning Rd crossing or points closer to Collie.

Balingup to Collie: these towns are on on separate routes from Perth via Bunbury, with services from both coach companies. Arrivals and departure times from Collie mean an overnight in Collie may be needed. It is also possible to park in Ballingup, walk the Track to Collie and then coach back to Balingup via Bunbury as the timetabling allows the coach journey in one day though you will change coach companies.

Ballingup to Mumballup: Mumballup has a limited service, but time it right and you can go in either direction without staying overnight in either town if you don’t wish to. I did this one last winter and loved it. Beware, the only service in Mumballup is the pub which is not always open.

Mumbalup to Collie: Coaches to Collie or Mumballup, using a taxi Mumballup to Collie if needed.

Balingup to Donnelly River: Coach to Balingup or Bridgetown via Bunbury. Complete the connection from Bridgetown to Donnelly River using a taxi service from Bridgetown. There is a public payphone in Donnelly River to call a taxi if needed. Alternately walk the 23km to Bridgetown for coach services.

North Bannister to Dwellingup: coach to North Bannister from Perth and walk thru to Dwellingup. Sadly I know of no public transport to Dwellingup and have heard of people walking down to Pinjarra to catch the train.

I hope this is helpful and I’d love to see other people’s public transport options for Bibb Track walks.

See you on the Track
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Re: Bibbulman Track public transport options

Postby jobell » Sun 29 Jan, 2017 8:56 pm

Just wanted to say thank you for posting info.
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