Lake MacKenzie Fire: Before and After

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Lake MacKenzie Fire: Before and After

Postby whynotwalk » Thu 24 Mar, 2016 7:35 am

Hi all - I was back in the Lake MacKenzie/Blue Peaks area over the March long weekend. (Good to bump into DanShell & his mate going in as we were coming out!) I had been there pre-fire in December, so tried to take a few "before and after" shots.

What was burned was pretty devastated, and walking through was a very sad experience. Probably hundreds of pencils pines are gone forever. Fortunately the extent of that particular fire was not as vast as I had feared. But I do wonder how many Summers it will be before pencil pines become an absolute rarity.

There's more about the trip on my blog here ... rmath.html



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