Lots Wife, Mt Lord, Brewery Knob, Tarkine.

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Lots Wife, Mt Lord, Brewery Knob, Tarkine.

Postby naturelover » Sun 15 May, 2016 8:44 am

If you would like to see pics and /or read a report on any of the above, I have put pics and words in my blog.
Lots Wife was climbed on the Anzac weekend, in a window of glorious, clear weather during the day, but with fabulous mists in the morning.
Mt Lord, we took the short route suggested here in the forum and it worked fantastically. As we had friends who had recently had a seven-hour epic to get there going a different way, we welcomed the efficiency of the straight-up route, and the forest was glorious before you hit the scrub.
The Tarkine was just a tester / taster … but not much tasting (of food) went on. We got so hungry (because we hadn't realised how very few food opportunities there were in there) that it compromised the experience a bit. We know now to go armed with an esky of goodies next time.
Brewery Knob is from this weekend currently underway. It was misty moisty, as it had been on my first time, but I utterly recommend fagus leaves on the ground for beauty. It was a great mountain to climb in wild weather. Fungi are still looking beautiful.
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