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Matterhorn Dreaming

Sun 11 Aug, 2013 4:35 pm

The Matterhorn

Hi all - a few of you may have noticed I've been quiet here lately. No? :cry:

Anyway ... I'm recently back from 7 weeks in Europe, including some walking and cycling. Two weeks in the French and Swiss Alps was certainly one of the highlights. I guess we Australians, and yes, even we Tasmanians, have to admit we're a bit poverty-stricken when it comes to having high mountains. I've always dreamed about seeing mountains (that's why NZ is my second home!). So the Alps has been part of the "cultural baggage" I've carried around for most of my 60 years. (Yep ... had the big birthday while I was in Switzerland.)

So getting to walk - and ride gondolas! - high into the Alps was a brilliant experience. If anyone is thinking about it, don't hesitate. Yes, it costs a bit for bed and board in Switzerland, but there are ways to cut costs. And the "crowdedness" of Europe doesn't infect the whole of the Alps, especially if you walk a little higher than all the comforts.

I've gone into a bit more detail on my blog.


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