Mt Richmond FP and Nelson Lakes NP

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Mt Richmond FP and Nelson Lakes NP

Postby kanangra » Mon 29 Nov, 2010 2:16 pm

Not long back from a few days across the Tasman. What a great trip. I went with a couple of guys who went fishing while I went walking. This had quite a few advantages; including helicopter drop offs! Decadent i know but hey what was I to do, refuse on principle? Flew out of Wakefield and was dropped at Old Man Hut. Climbed from there up onto the range and then up to Little Rintoul and Mt. Rintoul. Descended to Rintoul Hut for lunch. Resumed the Alpine route but left it near Purple Top to head straight for Mid Goulter Hut where my mates were camped. My map showed a track but it was absent from later editions and there was next to nothing to follow on the ground. But by sticking mainly to the ridge it was possible to make a way. I even came across a couple of old permalat markers. The ridge was broken and rocky with frequent spires which made travel slow and so eventually I dropped off and sidled around Mt Eidelweiss. Then began the long descent to the Goulter River which I eventually cut. Now all I had to do was cross and pick up the track on the other side. Easier said than done. At this point the track was well back from the river and high up the side of the river. But eventually I cut it and reasoned, correctly as it turned out, that the hut was downstream. It was just on dark as I slung my pack down and made my way inside. Not a bad first day given we'd arrived in Ch Ch at 1:00AM that same day!

Next morning I walked up valley to Lake Chalice and the hut by the same name. from there I took the track out to the road. From there I walked along the road towards Mt Patriach till I came to a sign ponting down to the Mid Goulter Hut saying 3 hours. Only trouble was I had less than 2 till the helicopter arrived to take us out. I needn't of worried I was down in an hour. Great track though, particularly where above the bush line. Chopper arrived right on cue and we were back in Wakefield by 3:30 ready to embark on the next chapter of our adventure.


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