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Sugarloaf Circuit Mt Buangor

Tue 05 Nov, 2013 10:18 pm

Did this as an overnight with my 5 yo daughter on the weekend.

Its a great day walk that rarely gets traveled on for the full distance these days. Apart from great views from a number of lookouts the terrain gives you a good workout over such a short distance.

We did well covering from Middle Creek to cave hill on the first day in fairly warm conditions but it changed quickly overnight to high winds and rain to a cold walk for the second day.

The track from the cave to the top of the hill and Sugarloaf to Ferntree are showing signs of very little use over recent years being overgrown and hard to follow at times.





Re: Sugarloaf Circuit Mt Buangor

Wed 06 Nov, 2013 8:48 am

Great choice for an overnight walk Brad. I've actually been using part of this circuit as a variation to the Beeripmo walk. Last time I started at Ferntree heading to the top of Sugarloaf then following the Beeripmo anti-clockwise to camp at Mugwamp. Second day heading up top of Buangor and then back down to Ferntree from there.
Its great to see a good amount of water going over Ferntree Falls and Raglan Falls at the moment.

Re: Sugarloaf Circuit Mt Buangor

Wed 06 Nov, 2013 11:25 am

That's a great variation as the walk from ferntree is always good.
I'm doing beeripmo again soon so may consider that instead of driving to Richards.
How long does it take to Mugwamp from ferntree?
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