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Beware, the Bon-Accord Spur track Razorback->Harrietville

PostPosted: Thu 15 May, 2014 12:20 am
by Jfallen
Girl friend and I just came down today after camping at the old hut site (just remember this is a ruin, burnt in 2003, no water and literally the only spot to camp on the track,) on day 4 of our Harrietville-Bungolow-Razorback-Bon'Accord trip. Track is great until you get to Washington Creek and the old bridge, at which point the track disappears completely :? . The bridge now stands high and dry with the creek running beyond where the steps finish. Track markers on the trees lead you on a goose chase back into the creek. You may have better luck walking up from Harrietville, but caution is advised if you're coming down, your mileage may vary... The floods have ruined the place and altered the water course a significant amount. Spent just under 3 hours or so hacking down the creek wet boots and all until we got the 4x4 trail and some lovely fisherman.

There's what looks to be a pig/wildlife track in and out of the creek that we began to follow that had a few foot prints in it, so we weren't the first to fall into this trap.

If you know the track you may have better luck, but I'd stay clear of it. Not the way we'd hoped to finish an otherwise stunning trip, but it as always was an adventure.


Re: Beware, the Bon-Accord Spur track Razorback->Harrietvill

PostPosted: Thu 15 May, 2014 8:17 am
by GBW
You should have crossed the river 100m downstream from the bridge where the track continues. There was a large tree across the river in early April which we weren't game to negotiate (too slippery) so we waded across. It was pouring rain, thunder, lightning and the river was pumping. And I agree, that bridge to nowhere was funny and we had a good laugh trying to figure out where it went.

Photos of the Bon Accord here (I think) ... 767bfd9bd4 and ... 268b60889b

Re: Beware, the Bon-Accord Spur track Razorback->Harrietvill

PostPosted: Sat 21 Jun, 2014 2:45 pm
by Smeagle
I just recently come down via bon accord, in a very wet rainy snowy night time conditions, after passing the bridge to nowhere 30m down there is a orange marker on a tree to your left to negotiate first little crossing then 70m further where GBW states there is the tree to cross, which had a marker placed 10 m up further opposite side, then this put you back onto the track, there was consist an makers along the river sections i found anyway, one is spray painted one a tree as well... these markers also seemed to be place for either direction travel swell, and markers don't look like they were placed recently, not too sure how this area ended up being a bush bashing episode...

Re: Beware, the Bon-Accord Spur track Razorback->Harrietvill

PostPosted: Mon 23 Jun, 2014 5:17 pm
by icefest
We must have just missed each other smeagle, I just came down yesterday and camped at ovens creek last night.

The track downriver continues on the opposite side of ovens creek about 100m downriver on the river left (west bank). Just look for the big fallen tree with a giant chunk cut out with a chainsaw and that's where the track starts.