The Seven Dials circuit

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The Seven Dials circuit

Postby bigkev » Sat 28 Nov, 2015 7:43 pm

Last weekend I decided to head up to the Grampians and revisit an old favourite, The Seven Dials walk. This walk was written up by John Chapman years ago and indeed I hadn't done the walk in well over ten years, so it was interesting to see what effect the fires and floods have had on the walk. To cut to the chase, the scrub along Long Gully and descending under the Seventh Dial down to Bovine Falls was pretty solid, but the walk down Bovine Creek was superb (although the old track had completely disappeared and I walked the creek bed all the way out to the Grampians Tourist Road). Here's a link to the post I did on my blog about the walk if anyone wants to check it out http://goinferalonedayatatime.blogspot. ... -park.html

I walked around 26 kilometres and climbed a bit over 700 metres for the day. I really like this walk, it takes you into a less well visited part of the Grampians and has enough adventure to make it challenging.

Initially I picked up a new track, part of the Grampians Peaks Trail

The route along the old fire track along Long Gully is almost totally reclaimed by nature.

Barney Castle in the middle distance, Long Gully Saddle is below the cliffs.

Bovine Falls

The late afternoon walk along Bovine Creek was very pretty.

Sometimes it was easier just to splash my way through.
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