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Keppels hut to Lake Mtn. Boundary hut ruins

PostPosted: Wed 20 Jan, 2016 9:09 pm
by paidal_chalne_vala
Today a friend and I went out along Lady Talbot drive from Marysville to walk up to Lake mtn. the back way . It wasn't too hot so that was in our favour . Lady Talbot road after Phantom falls is in a excremental condition, barely acceptable for 2 WD and better for a 4 WD rather than my little Jap. hatchback . I had it in Low gear much of the way. It was slow going .
We left the car at the Lady Talbot road/ Upper Taggerty Road Junction and walked up to the hut. The whole area by the road shoulders has been cleared of dead timber.
It is a nice little hut in a good quiet spot and it was my first visit there.

We took the topographical map and compass and found the track up to the Boundary hut ruins , heading East onto Lake Mtn.'s plateau. The walking track is in good order with newly added orange arrows on the trees and new looking signage at the Huts loop trail track intersection.
It is not too hard for a day walk at all even for non hiking addicts.
There was even a loo roll at the Keppell's hut poo house.
I now know how to evade the winter gate fee at Lake mtn. as long as I have a 4 WD and snow shoes and poles.

During the whole drive up there on Lady Talbot Drive and back , it was infested with Bunnies. They are a feral pest . The State Government needs to get some funds together, pull out their collective fingers and eradicate these bunnies. They are breeding like rabbits.

Re: Keppels hut to Lake Mtn. Boundary hut ruins

PostPosted: Tue 02 Feb, 2016 12:40 pm
by Earwig
Howdy PCV. I was think of heading that way, maybe this weekend. My plan is to hike from Lake Mountain to Keppels Hut and back the next day. I was wondering if you noticed Goulds Track and what condition it is in. It's an old four wheel drive track that links Taggerty Road with the Keppels Hut-Boundary Hut walking track - you would have passed it's northern end about 500m south of Keppels Hut while on your way to Boundary Hut. It's marked on some maps as overgrown, closed etc. and not marked at all on others.

Re: Keppels hut to Lake Mtn. Boundary hut ruins

PostPosted: Tue 02 Feb, 2016 1:30 pm
by paidal_chalne_vala
I know nothing about Gould's road. I went in my 2 WD from Lady Talbot drive ( a dodgy 4 WD track at best , my car was only just OK on that track ) to Upper Taggerty road. I left the car there at that junction and walked up to Keppel's hut. From there my friend and I walked up to the Boundary hut ruins at Lake mtn. and back to the car in a day.
Heaven help you if rains a lot and you don't have a monster Tonka toy 4WD to get you out of there.

Re: Keppels hut to Lake Mtn. Boundary hut ruins

PostPosted: Mon 08 Feb, 2016 1:31 pm
by Earwig
I left my dodgy four wheel drive at Lake Mountain. See the trip report elsewhere, but thanks PCV for reminding me to head up there.