Ritchie's Hut 1,2/5/17.Alpine N.P.

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Ritchie's Hut 1,2/5/17.Alpine N.P.

Postby paidal_chalne_vala » Tue 02 May, 2017 7:39 pm

I took my day walking friend on her first walk in/pack carry camping trip.
We left my 2 WD car opposite the 8 Mile Flat access track , by the side of Brocks road and walked into Ritchie's hut yesterday. The high track is in reasonable condition but blackberries are forever encroaching on sections of the track. Apart from a horse riding group crossing 14 mile Creek we didn't see anybody else out there at all.
We had the hut to ourselves. The weather was mild and overcast.
I went and found some firewood up the 14 Mile spur track and got the fire started inside the fireplace inside the hut.
My friend was fascinated by all the gear and tricks I was using , since she has never been on an overnight pack carry walk before.
It rained overnight but the weather became sunny just as we packed up and walked out on day two ( Tuesday morning , May 2nd 2017).
We returned to 8 Mile flat along the high track ,with views of Mt. Buller in sunny dry weather and had lunch at Davon's flat.
The bow saw blade at the hut is kaput. I should have taken some new ones.People have denuded the immediate surroundings for firewood and it is best to find some decent fallen timber on the 14 Mile spur track , which clearly starts from where the old dunny used to be located just up the path up the hill above the hut.
The new Drop Loo at the hut is working and the Howqua river is very peaceful and soothing even for just one night of walk in camping.
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Re: Ritchie's Hut 1,2/5/17.Alpine N.P.

Postby neilmny » Tue 02 May, 2017 8:03 pm

It really is a beautiful spot.
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