Six Foot Track

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Six Foot Track

Postby Lindsay » Sun 02 Dec, 2012 3:29 pm

I received a Red Balloon 'caving experience' at Jenolan Caves from my son last fathers day, so we decided to combine it with a walk along the Six Foot Track. We caught the train to Katoomba last Wednesday and started walking at about 1445. The weather was warm and humid with thunderstorms predicted. Sure enough the storm began as we left the open farmland and headed into the Coxs river valley. By the time we reached Bowtells bridge the lightning was all around so we decided that attempting to cross the bridge would not be a a good idea. Instead we headed to the ford and made camp at the campground. We were the only occupants and there was water in the tank. The storm passed and the weather cleared, fine and warm the following morning, to be very hot later in the day.

Setting off we made good time up to Mini Mini saddle and dropped down to Alum creek, where we rested for half an hour as it was getting really hot by now. We discussed stopping until evening to avoid the heat however decided to push on. At this point Chris narrowly avoided stepping on a black snake and we resolved to keep our eyes open a little better. As I have a rather bad cold Chris gave me a sudafed before we started out again. This turned out to be a bad idea, for as we made our way slowly up black range I started feeling nauseous, dizzy and generally crap. Eventually we stopped under some shade, I rolled out my mattress and slept for an hour, feeling decidedly better when I woke up. Turns out that sudafed and I don't mix. We then came across two blokes from Iceland who had been in Australia a week and had decided to walk the track on the spur of the moment. They were equipped with a cheap tent, daypacks and a two litre juice bottle of water each, making minimlalism an art form. We made Black range camp by 1830, set up, found water in the tank and had tea and turned in early after a long day.

Next day I was up in time to see the Icelandic boys bravely setting out on the last leg, heading back down the track the way they had come. I pointed out that they were going the wrong way and saw them on the way to Jenolan. Chris and I set off and had an easy last 10 ks to the caves, seeing a couple of echindas on the way. We arrived at 1225 and my wife met us at 1400 to tke us to our overnight acommodation in Oberon. The next days excursion throgh the Mammoth cave left me well satisifed, but very sore, having excercised muscles I haven't used in a long time.

A good trip and a rare opporunity for some time with my son.
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