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Gladstone Pass - Roberts Pass

PostPosted: Tue 05 Jan, 2016 9:18 am
by robertoman
I have been saving this one up for a while. Seeing as how it has been bucketing down, what better time to do it.

School holidays, no traffic, and a dream run up to Leura (via Mountain High Pies - if I go walking, I have to return with dinner)

Going down Gladstone was pretty epic in the wet. Lots of very careful and deliberate foot placements whilst hanging onto exposed tree roots. Loads of trees down (well it is just that kind of place). Lots of losing the way in the dark and wet.

I hadn't been along to Roberts before and completely missed the turn. At Dashes Cave I knew I had gone too far, but not a problem as it was good to get out of the rain for a while, have a nibble, drink up, and check maps. Thanks to jonnosan in a previous post I knew it was OK to crank the lid off the billy can and get the note book out. Jim Smith has been down and replaced the old one it would seem from his 2014 message. I wasn't the first 2016 visitor though.

Retraced to the turn off to Roberts. Apparently two cairns markers, a yellow arrow, and yellow marking tape wasn't enough to catch my eye first time along.

Along the way the fog kept clearing and Mt Solitary kept appearing like a ghost ship. It seemed so close, and then would silently disappear again.

At Lawton's Creek I scrambled down to look for the old mine. Found it eventually. When I showed my wife the small video she asked "did you go in it ?" Dear God no. Spooky enough just looking at it. Climbed back up and got to Roberts. At the top I detoured to Gladstone look out. A magnificent foggy ghostly view of the cliffs, and as I watched a huge bank of fog rose up until I was completely enveloped with next to nil visibility. Awesome.

It absolutely bucketed down in places and I reached the golf course absolutely soaked. Some satisfying puddle walking to finish off. About 4 hours all up. Managed some new yoga getting changed into dry clothes in the car. Drove into Leura to Megalong Books to grab "Passes of Narrowneck" and "Narrowneck and the birth of Katoomba" for some rainy afternoon reading. A great day.

Re: Gladstone Pass - Roberts Pass

PostPosted: Tue 05 Jan, 2016 10:03 am
by ofuros
With last nights & this mornings steady rainfall outside i've been feeling the same way....sounds like a great adventure,robertoman.
You've got me packing my backpack for a soaked-to-the-skin, soggy rainforest waterfall walk....and looking forward to it. Thanks. :wink:

Re: Gladstone Pass - Roberts Pass

PostPosted: Sat 16 Jan, 2016 11:08 am
by robertoman
knocked up a blog post for family and friends. Also attached some dodgy footage from playing with the camera if interested. ... -pass.html

Next trip will be Down Roberts to Valley of the Waters I hope

Re: Gladstone Pass - Roberts Pass

PostPosted: Sun 24 Jan, 2016 4:02 pm
by AJW Canyon2011
I haven't been in that area for a few years but I do the remember the difficulty finding the way into Gladstone pass from the Golf Course looking for markers. Yes I agree robertoman it certainly is an epic trip contenting with the off track section that needs to be negotiated ducking over and under falling trees, tree roots etc. I remember sliding down the slippery track which was fairly muddy in places as it seemed to be a safer option. My favorite part is coming down the old stone steps next to a running waterfall in a small canyon like section then not long after you join the junction of lindemans pass.