Sassafras to Wog Wog

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Re: Sassafras to Wog Wog

Postby Huntsman247 » Tue 23 Jul, 2019 12:36 pm

bernieq wrote:Thanks for the report, huntsman247 - lots of useful info.

I didn't notice a side track east of Yurnga t/o when we came through in Sep last year - although we were heading NE (up) and it was wet & miserable so perhaps not surprising. The track does bifurcate in that area and NE/SW is the general direction of the track.

Re the route up from Angel Creek, your description sounded a little different to mine (or maybe just me not following very well) - I've attached a screenshot of what I have - is that essentially the same as your route?

Angel ck.jpg
Yeah that looks about right. I wasn't that descriptive there as the track is rather well worn.
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Re: Sassafras to Wog Wog

Postby insect_eater » Tue 27 Aug, 2019 4:36 pm

Hunstman - I sincerely apologise for hijacking and distracting your thread from your trip report - I didn't intend my post to do so. However, to update on my ankle, after much physio I've had on-going pain. Thinking it was just slow to heal, I even walked about 30km one day at El Questro in the Kimberely a couple of weeks ago with minor discomfort, but really struggled with my 25kg work travel pack when crossing loose stoney creeks on the way to my campsite up there. I returned and demanded a scan which yesterday showed a fractured talus bone. I'm now booked into the fracture clinic.........
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