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Re: Murruin Ck, Bindook Highlands, Bullnigang, Trip Report.

Sat 02 Dec, 2017 11:04 am

I noticed the post July 2011 from Juxtaposer that mentions rabbit traps. I know how they got there! My grandfather owned the property that included Mt Oldbuck with Murruin Ck to the east. He had 6 kids, one of whom was my father. The family called their 'farm' the GULF. This term is currently used to identify this area by the locals at Taralga, which is the nearest town by road.

My grandfather was well known in the district as his occupation was Rabbiter and his territory went as far west as Crookwell. He used both large amounts of traps and he also poisoned the rabbits with strychnine. He knew this area extremely well and he would have been there in 1930 when the beer bottles were left on the track.

Later the family moved to Richlands and then Taralga.

We always wondered where he left the traps when he 'retired' after WWII to go trout fishing along the Abercrombie River.

The Taralga Historic Society has been doing some excellent work detailing the history of the GULF and they have recently rebuilt a school called Fernbank/Wombeyan at their site in Taralga with the original desks intact. The school originally opened in 1904.

Thank you for your details of your walks.

Re: Murruin Ck, Bindook Highlands, Bullnigang, Trip Report.

Sun 03 Dec, 2017 12:29 pm

Fascinating stuff!! Thanks for the info diggerkv, anymore stories you feel like sharing would be eagerly lapped up.

Love the area and all the history within.

Re: Murruin Ck, Bindook Highlands, Bullnigang, Trip Report.

Sat 09 Dec, 2017 10:29 am

Now that is very interesting. I notice that the property out Old buck way has just been sold. There is an old hut up there and it runs all the way down to Murruin Ck. Over 1,000 acres. I took the opportunity to get the title maps of the different lots that make up the property. Wish I'd bought it. Oh well.

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