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Gold Creek Falls

PostPosted: Tue 01 Aug, 2017 12:22 pm
by bauplenut
Did a day trip up Bullocky Tom's Track to Gold Creek Falls, with the aim to get to the base of the falls - usually we just stay at the top of the falls -good reason for that too. Started walking from Paradise Waterhole day use car park, along the road to reach start of the track. Cross Big Crystal Creek, then onto the track proper, three hours climbing the track up the steep ridgeline to Gold Creek (about elevation 700 metres). Going down the waterfall rockface is not an option, so go bush down a very steep slope, getting tangled in vines, and loose footholds. Down the bottom onto slippery wet rocks. The view from base of the waterfall is worth it though. We have a good break, take some photos. Then steep climb back up in the jungle to the track, easier going up. Quick look from top of the falls, then home down the track. A good day out.

Direction for this were in a previous post 'Paluma Dam to Paradise Waterhole via Bullocky Tom's Track'.