July at Wilpena Pound

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July at Wilpena Pound

Postby philm » Mon 11 Jul, 2016 7:42 pm

Last weekend we spent a few days walking around Wilpena Pound. We camped out in the Pound and the recent rains meant there was plenty of water which can otherwise be a problem in this area. Mornings were cold at about 0-2 degrees but the days were about 13 degrees sunny and no wind. We timed our trip to take advantage of a nice high pressure system between a couple of nasty cold fronts. The Flinders were nice and green and the walking was great. Spent a few days camping out in the Pound. The longest day was a 22km loop through the inside of the pound and up St Mary peak (1171m) and back on the outside rim track - this took 6.5 hours including about half an hour at the summit for lunch.

Inside the pound

Nice and green

St Mary Peak looking NW

Across the Pound

Great day
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Re: July at Wilpena Pound

Postby Snowzone » Mon 11 Jul, 2016 8:02 pm

Looks great Phil. I've actually been thinking of heading to the Flinders for a bit of a look. Its somewhere I have never been.
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Re: July at Wilpena Pound

Postby north-north-west » Tue 12 Jul, 2016 3:54 pm

Thanks, Phil. Brings back plenty of memories.

Oh, to be in the Flinders, now that winter's here . . .
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