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Postby Davidf61 » Tue 16 Oct, 2018 4:52 pm

Just got back from 7 weeks overseas [ Europe ] and while in London, decided to spend a day at Kew Gardens.
Got the official tour map, had a glance over and spotted the Wollemi Pine, so I thought I'd go have a look. Was really pleasing to find it at the same time a large group of school kids [ teenagers ] were getting the story behind its discovery and existence now. They all seemed really interested and suitably impressed that it somehow survived all this time nestled away in a little gully/ravine, and having a chat with the lecturer afterwards, she explained the people at Kew Gardens really were thrilled with the whole Wollemi Pine story, and it's an absolute favourite amongst staff.

So I've ordered a couple for my block, I guess the grand kids [ I haven't got yet! ] will get some shade.

Nice to see....
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